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Thursday, January 01, 2004
  [A Thousand Sorries]

Dearest, NEWLY BLOG OF MINE. <-- Link ME!!!!


-About Me-

:Name: Han Barry Witcharut
:Irc Nick: Sta|n aka EvilatloN
:Gunbound Nick: AsperZ
:Dragon Raja Nick: Genitor
:Priston Tale Nick: ArcdeZ
:P.O.B: Thailand
:Nationality: Singaporean
:Primary School: Townville
:CurrentSchool: Canberra
:Age: 16th This Year
:Birthday: 15th Febuary
:Gender: Male
:Hobbies: Teakwondo Aka Going out with dar...
:Horoscope: Aquarius
:Zodiac: Rabbit


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<--[Dry Tears]-->
<--[Disjointed Hearts]-->
<--[Within The Mind Of A Child]-->
<--[Advent of the Demon]-->
<--[Give In To Hope]-->
<--[The Thief of Tomorrows]-->
<--[The End Of All Things To Come]-->
<--[The Sanctity Of Dreams]-->
<--[Frail And Wretched]-->
<--[Terrible Lie]-->
<--[Last Temptation]-->
<--[The Great Below]-->
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<--[Shadow Of A Man]-->
<--[A Key To Nothing]-->
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<--[Version Of A Truth]-->
<--[Heart Offering]-->
<--[Flying Deeper]-->
<--[Rage Of Love]-->
<--[Blood Tears]-->
<--[Fallen Dreams]-->
<--[The Chosen Path]-->
<--[In Search Of Lost Wings]-->
<--[I'll Walk This Path Alone]-->
<--[Deep Thoughts]-->

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